Research + Design + Media
Art Center College Of Design
Media Design Practice

For as long as I can remember, I've had a never ending need to study and interpret many scholarly disciplines and practices. This multidisciplinary attraction has given me a different perspective when it comes to the way I face a problem and define ideas. It brings to light new dimensions and influential information that helps give traction to my design practice. Interpreting and analyzing data in this modern age has become not just a business but a way of life. The future of the technological landscape will be shape by the way we visualize interpret and perceive information.
My practice is research base where I am specifically interested in utilizing the design construct in order to understand the unperceptive data interactions; one that is illusive and invisible to our human senses. My design process begin by creating a series of exploration where I utilized photography, sensor, prototyping, interactions, video narratives, maps, revealing spaces and collaborations with multidisciplinary professionals. This design strategy reveals and create new perceptions into the way we interact with our quotidian environments and information.

Throughout history when disciplines inspired each other great ideas emerge. Many science fiction writers had lead scientist to implement what was once fiction into the realm of reality. My goal is to utilize my design practice to inspire and evoke a similar response not just in science but in the ever expanding disciplines of our modern world.